We understand Management of HMO’s can prove more challenging, due to higher levels of legislation and turnover, however efficiently managed can prove most profitable. Why not give us at Herdman Homes a call?

HMO’s are a challenging and specialist type of let. Significant legislation surrounds them which can be daunting and a true minefield to anyone new to this area of letting. This type of Property requires a greater involvement from a Management Company with specialist knowledge to manage them efficiently and effectively. It is clear with the nature of sharers; turnover is greater and with this a typical HMO will require more repairs than a single let. The communal area of the HMO generally falls under the responsibility of the Landlord and/or the Managing Agent again another difference from the single let. However, the individual’s rooms, fixtures, fittings and furniture, are the responsibility of the individual. It is being clear in these responsibilities and their management that stand the HMO specialist out – we are that specialist and we are here to help, so you might ask what's in our service?

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